Hannah Hart Wilken

Hannah is a writer living in Stockbridge, MA.

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Welcome! If we haven't met in person, it's nice to internet meet you! If we do know each other, hello again dear friend.

For the past six years I've written the women's lifestyle blog Hannah Hart BeatThe blog, founded originally as a college coursework distraction, became a site for women to meet and learn about design, fashion, pop culture, art, travel, and life in Brooklyn.

This year I finished writing my first full length book based on my time traveling and hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Other than writing, I'm a yoga fanatic, voracious reader, compulsive coffee drinker, and proud dog mom to a tiny pup, Mateo. For more info, or just to say hola, contact me below.


Residencies, Conferences & Grants

Colgate University Writers’ Conference, 2019
Lead by Angela Palm
Recipient of The Colgate Scholarship
Hamilton, NY

Vermont Studio Center Residency, 2019
Recipient of VSC Artist’s Grant
Johnson, VT

The Martha Boschen Porter Fund, 2018
A fund of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
Sheffield, MA

Colgate University Writers' Conference, 2018
Lead by Bill Barich
Hamilton, NY

Essay and Short Story Workshop, 2018
Lead by Virginia Watkins
Egremont, MA

The Stories We Carry: Meditation and Writing, 2017
Lead by Dani Shapiro
Lenox, MA


B.A Spanish Literature
Bates College.
2008 to 2012

Writing & Professional Experience

Writer & Founder
Hannah Hart Beat
December 2011 to Present

Website & Digital Marketing
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
May 2019 to Present

Merchandising Manager
New York, NY
December 2014 to February 2017



What's the story with your book?

Great question! The book is currently in the form of a third draft. For more information or questions regarding representation please contact me via the form below!

Are you planning on moving back to New York when the book is done?


Are you interested in contributing to my website?

Currently I am heads down on the book but please feel free to reach out! I love all kinds of things re marketing and always happy to chat.

Are you that Hannah girl from Drunk Kitchen?

Same name, different girl. 💁🏼‍♀️

I liked Hart Beat but you don't post anymore. WTF.

I love you but that's not a question. Sadly, Hart Beat has taken a bit of a backseat since I started writing the G.D. book. I'm hoping to be back to the regular once a day posts soon!

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